“Our Connections at Work Report shows that the traditional form of nepotism,
where family members or family friends, would open doors for you has broken down
to a great extent. We only see 9% of people say that their parents’ social network has been influential in their career. However, there is a high percentage
of people who have managed to create meaningful connections at work that straddle the professional and the personal space and who have found it meaningfully
benefitting their career progression. This is why mentoring is so critical to
inclusion and diversity because, without those close professional connections
that operate in the personal and professional zone, people aren’t able to
advance as quickly. Our data shows that many people don’t know how to or don’t
have the opportunities as much as others for various reasons. If companies
could create opportunities for mentorship more equally, for people to benefit
from having more meaningful relationships at work, then they are going to see
a more diverse leadership set progressing and a more meritocratic and inclusive